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Sponsored Rider - Jemma Ehsman

Sponsorship bio:

I am a 23 year old event rider based in Newcastle, NSW. I have been rider for approximately 15 years starting in Pony Club before finding my true calling, Eventing. I have two young horses in my team - Hazelnut Sass, Hazel who is a very talented 6yo Thoroughbred mare who is has started her eventing career this year and is taking it all in her stride. She is a very sensitive mare and was very anxious when I first started working with her, Equinic has been paramount in her development into an equine athlete and a generally happy horse. I also have a rising 3yo warmblood mare Stellla who is due to be started under saddle very soon and I am very excited for her future. I love being apart of team Equinic and love seeing the amazing results of everyone I recommend.

Equinic has worked wonders for every horse of mine she has laid her hands on and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their equine partner to perform and feel their best. Nicole has been working with my competition mare for over a year now and the change in her physical and emotional health has been outstanding. Nicole first treated Hazel when she was recovering from being confined in a stable for 3 months due to an eye injury just after I bought her. She was a relatively unhandled and a very anxious mare who had lost all her muscle mass due to being confined. Nicole was incredibly patient with Hazel who refuse to even stand during her first session, she helped her ease into fitness whilst focusing on her anxiety issue. Hazel also had some weaknesses over her hind end and with regular maintenance sessions she is stronger, more relaxed and happier than ever. I would highly recommend Nicole, she is extremely passionate, patient, and thorough.

Nicole has also worked with my unbroken warmblood filly who started exhibiting some aggressive behaviour which was out of character. Nicole targeted her hormonal points and within one session the change in Stella’s behaviour was almost instant from very aggressive at the start of the session to calm and relaxed by the end. She is now having ongoing monthly sessions to help deal with her imbalance.

Sponsored Rider - Karen Thomsen

Sponsorship bio:

I am Karen Thomsen of the Maxen Park team from the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. I have been riding since I was 3 and competing since the age of 6. The Maxen Park team has been successful in many disciplines including (and not limited to – the sky being the limit!) in showing, eventing and dressage. Our biggest achievement and success to date is with the Welsh breed. Welsh ponies are an amazingly beautiful and versatile breed. The Welsh pony endeavour has been hugely successful for us for the past 10 years and have achieved many Supremes' in hand, under saddle, at Royal, National and State level in 3 States of Australia. Most recently taking the pony dressage by storm with our main competition horse, a Welsh B Stallion named Glenmore Welshman – affectionately known as Melly.

Our introduction to Nicole from Equinic was via a recommendation from a friend after our much Welshman had a traumatic kick during breeding season. Welshman is a big moving pony and could only manage a uneven trot, a scratchy canter and presented us with a suffering attitude. With our hearts about to break we contacted Nicole and a bond was immediately made them. Nicole’s very caring, soothing voice and hands eased Welshman’s anxiety as he has never had acupuncture before and was very sore to touch. Over a period of time, with Nicole’s knowledge, professionalism and caring attitude, she has transformed Welshman back to his amazing and winning self which we are very grateful for. Nicole has also in this time worked on a couple of our babies during their breaking in process to ensure that their muscles are supple, and their reactions are not due to any muscles issues. We are looking forward too many more years with Nicole as a part of our journey

Nicole began working with my thoroughbred Torro who had suddenly displayed extremely out of character behaviour becoming irritable not only under saddle but on the ground as well. The results from Nicole’s visits were incredible, with Torro returning to his usual content and lively self as well as making consistent improvements performance wise. Nicole has been a wealth of knowledge and I attribute Torros progress to not only Nicole’s visits but Nicole’s ongoing knowledge and support! Nicole has always been an absolute pleasure to have as a part of the team, having worked effectively with myself and other equine professionals, she has also worked with my sensitive and quirky mare demonstrating how valuable Nicole's patient and attentive qualities are!


Paris - Ourimbah

I was having a lot of issues with my mares’ backend, she had gone from clearing 1.20m showjumps with ease to not even being able to get around an 80cm showjump round without knocking a rail. She wasn't coming through in the canter and was being quite naughty to ride. My friend had recommended Nicole to me after I had no results from other treatments. After Cocos first treatment Nicole picked up the issues straight away and went to work. She gave me exercises and techniques both on the ground and under saddle to help aid her recuperation. After 4 months of treatments and recovery my mare is feeling like a completely different horse! She is a total power house and is jumping better than she ever has! We have had no more "naughtiness" under saddle and even her whole demeanor has changed and she is so much more relaxed. We now have regular maintenance sessions and I have also started getting treatments on my other horse. If it wasn't for Nicole we would not be where we are now and we could not be going as well as we are! Thank you, Nicole, for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my horses!

Tyla - Seaham

After having Nicole work on my WB mare I can already see a huge improvement in her muscle tension and she has mellowed out so much even after one session!
Nicole was calm, professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommended EquiNic Performance Therapies to anyone who's horse isn't quite themselves.
Looking forward to getting the rest if my team looked at!

Kristy - Singleton

Thank you Nicole. Nicole is very passionate and knowledgeable. The horses enjoyed the treatment and we are looking forward to regular sessions with Nicole from Equinic!

Tereza - Piaffe Equestrian Services