Available Therapies

Equinic Performance Therapies is based in the Hunter Valley and offers a range of powerful physical therapies to help the serious equine athlete or the simple pleasure horse. These therapies are designed to maintain and improve the performance, health and well being of your horse.

Equine Acupuncture is a powerful type of physical therapy which influences the numerous body systems (for example the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, circulatory and reproductive systems) of the horse, through the stimulation of acupoints. Equine Acupuncture is used to promote the healing of various biochemical and physiological conditions. It promotes the restoration of the normal function of the numerous body systems disrupted by disharmony and imbalances. Through the stimulation of the acupoints, Equine Acupuncture unlocks and begins to restore as well as maintain the overall balance, performance, health and healing potential of your horse.

Sports massage can act as a measure for preventative maintenance of the musculoskeletal system of your horse as a means to keep your horse performing to the best of its ability, reducing the possibility for injury and also reducing the time required to fully recover from injury. Sports massage techniques will enhance your horses’ performance through the improvement of muscle tone, the lengthening of muscle fibers to prevent hyper-contraction of those muscle fibers. This increases flexibility, gait quality, and range of motion; thus improving the efficiency of stride lengths and agility. The improved muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion positively impacts the balance, posture and stance of your horse.

Red Light or Photonic Therapy is the application of a non-invasive, painless, low frequency red light to stimulate acupuncture points. It is effective and considered therapeutic because it stimulates cell activity that has been disturbed by injury. It promotes healing and provides temporary pain relief. The Photonic torch emits a beam of red light of a designated wavelength of 660nm. When applied to specific acupuncture points the light penetrates deeply under the skin mediating cellular excitation, changing the message the brain receives stimulating the brain to release chemicals and hormones that control pain, promote immune and healing responses; i.e analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.